Grand Prairie TX Tankless Water HeaterGrand Prairie plumber, Berkeys plumbing, is top rated by the Better Business Bureau and we’re here to save you tons of money! If you like saving money and never running out of hot water call us today! We can help you by installing a tankless water heater from some of the top brands in the country.

Rheem and others produce some of the finest tankless water heaters money can by, and the best part is, they cost less than most similar units. Call today to talk to one of our knowledgeable operators about switching to this ultra convenient, supper efficient way of getting hot water.

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So saving money and the planet is great, but why go tankless? Well if you need another reason here it is. Tankless Water heaters never run out of hot water! Have you ever had to cut a much needed shower short because the water became icy cold? Never again with these units. They produce hot water as quickly as you can use it. They never store unneeded hot water for later, because this can lead to wasted energy, but they keep up with demand.

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Just like the title says, if you get a tankless water heater you will qualify for tax credits. It is just that simple. Do not delay because laws change every day and those greedy politicians may decide that letting you keep your hard earned cash is unacceptable. To get back on point though, these tax credits were initial offered as an incentive in order to defray the initial costs of installing one of these units. Now that tankless water heaters are being embraced by the public, economies of scale are starting to drive down prices to a point that most people can afford the up front cost of one of these units.